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All our nappies and breathable and are soft and delicate for babies. By using cloth nappies you both save the environment and money! Also babies using cloth nappies usually potty train faster between 1-2 years.
Cloth nappies consist of an absorbent layer near the skin and of a leakproof layer on the outside. These can be assebled as an all-in-one combination or they could be assebled separately. You can select the best options for your family by comparing the particular specifications of diffirent types of nappies. Below you can find different types of cloth nappies:

All-in one nappy is easy to use. Everything needed is in the nappy and no need to fold or asseble anything. Even if you select another style for everyday use, you should select a few of these at least for the moments of rush.

Pocket diapers are also easy to use, sililarly as all-in-ones. They have a pocket where to insert an absorbent layer. Many times this solution is flexible for different types of absorbent layers an its easy to adjust the amount of layers. Another advantage is that this options allows a dry or delicate layer agains the babys skin and it also dryes fast. Our PILVI pocket diaper adjust sto different sizies, which allows less piecies for the entire diaper using period. This saves mone significantly.

One size diapers can be adjusted to many sizies and thereby can save significant amounts of money.

The 2-part system is the most versatile cloth nappy. You can Match a sized nappy cover with our range of absorbing layers. You can even use the muslins as absorbants and fold them in endless ways. For NB babies the cover and muslins is an excellent solution. Its is leakproof and soft for the thin legs that NB babies usually have.

Together with the nappies, you will also need accessories such as absorbent pads, wipes, wet bags and wash bags.

Potty training pants are excellent for all babies. Even more beneficial for disposable nappy users. Babies potty train faster. They also grow self estime by having the option to use real panties. The potty training pants also make it easier to potty train and accidents are still inside the pants and not on all over the cloths and shoes ect.

Below you can find recommendations for the newborn and easy to use up-and-go cloth diapers for toddlers.

Below you can find all our cloth diaper options.

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