Customer service 


You can make your order on the website by collecting products to your shopping cart, email or phone.

Contact information for customer service:

Phone Number: 0407723603


After ordering, you will receive an order confirmation email. Please remember to notify your phone number when ordering for problem situations. 

We go through all the incoming orders carefully. If you have been told by you when ordering your use, we will contact you if your choice affects your cross-device needs.

Creating a payment system for pages is still incomplete. If you are unable to pay through the shopping cart, you can place your order on the Jutta design account before delivery.

Beneficiary Name: Jutta Jantunen

Account Number IBAN: FI1610293500128342



We process your order when the remittance is shown in our account. In most cases, we can send an order within a few days, but at least within 12 days after ordering. Otherwise, you will be notified of the delayed delivery time.

If your order is instant, please report it in the Order message field, email and/or select the Quick delivery option for the order form (+ 1.99 e). Quick deliveries are handled first and delivery will take place as soon as possible. In this case, we strive to have your order arrive within three business days.

We deliver orders by customer, via Matkahuolto, mail or DHL. The order is also possible to pick up our warehouse from Hyvinkää or our shop at the Helsinki Punavuori Street during the three store hours.

To inquire about your order shipment, please visit


Products have 14 days of return and exchange right under certain conditions. Hygiene products must be unused and in original packaging. Hygiene products include diapers, training trousers, underwear and sanitary towels. For the customer, special ordered products or discount sale products are not automatically authorized for Exchange and return. When returning our products, we ask to be in contact with customer service before sending so that we know you are awaiting a refund and instruct you on it. 

Returning directly to our store or warehouse is free of charge.

Returning to the post is not free, but shipping costs will be paid for yourself. Even if your order was made using our customer return contract, the postal expense still amounts to a refundable amount. If your order was shipped without shipping costs and you decide to return the product by Post, the amount to be refunded will be deducted from the actual postage.

We will process your return as soon as possible. In order to make the refund straightforward, you must post the order number, the contact details of the subscriber and the reason for the return, according to the product you want to return. In Addition, the refund must indicate either the account number or the product you wish to exchange


If the product is defective and you want to make a claim, we will contact you primarily by phone. In this case, we can fully negotiate the problem satisfactorily.

You may contact our customer support team either by email or by phone 0407723603. 

If you have received a discount code, you will be able to use it on the website when ordering through the shopping cart. 

You can contact customer service via the accompanying form, email or phone.


Shop: Punavuorenkatu 3, Helsinki

Jutta Product Business ID 2282629-2
Jutta Design Business ID 1784777-7